Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[Away3D] JigLib Flash 3D Physics Engine


bla bla bla i'm lazy to describe thing better see below :P


it's said Flash but you still can compile with Flex, and yes even try with Away3D, what you waiting for? just do it!



after 1 hour mod some class....tadaaaa http://sleepydesign.com/labs/as3/JigLib/Away3D/JigLibAway3DFlash3DPhysics
plz keep in mind it's just quick idea to apply JigLib to Away3D, no material , no light, you can expected many dirty code there (also old PV3D code to compare), feel free to clean/optimize it! ;)


sure! it's new year right? ;D

happy new year + coding!

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drawlogic said...

Nice katopz! Pretty cool to have this running in two top 3d kits so fast.

katopz@sleepydesign.com said...

thx!, actually it can be easier if we have same Matrix3D class ;P

Webslinger said...

Hi ! that's very nice work you did there !!!

I tested myself a quick example with your "away3d-transposed" JigLib library and i noticed that there's strange behaviour with boxes with no movement (it twitches a bit) . also collision with JPlane doesn't work (objects go through). Any ideas ? Thanks in advance for your response.

katopz@sleepydesign.com said...

Hi Webslinger, jiglib is in beta version which mean you can expected some weird behavior there, btw, you try ask them directly here


hth ;)

swingpants said...

Warning. Remember to turn off 'Strict Mode' when testing this. Another wasted hour of my life! How many times will that catch me out.

web design company said...

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shajby said...

cool! check out my new game based on papervision + jiglib. Its helicopter simulation http://www.littlebigplay.com/game/548