Monday, April 7, 2014

[Objective-C] Meaning, My first attempt for native iOS app

After wrestling with plenty of nightmares , my first Objective-C iOS Application "Meaning" or "いみ" in Japanese language (in Thai is "ความหมาย") is finally finish and ready for sell! Yeah!


  • Snap picture -> Highlight Words -> Translate/Search
  • Enter/Paste text from clipboard -> Translate/Search
  • Get location from picture and open it in map.
  • Share word and meaning to social network.
  • English/Japanese/Thai language supported.


which is just $1.99 (for 1 year work!) or you can build your own app like this by pull all this together

Source Code

It could be more this and that which i mixed up and forget to put the link here, also my own helper that gathering from many random stackoverflow/gist which I will publish to Github later :)

Time elapsed (Working 1-2 hrs a day and some more on weekend)

  • Begin : July 2, 2013 
  • End : April 1, 2014
And again you can feed my cats by download this application or just here

Happy Coding! :D

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