Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[Away3DLite] MD2 and MDZ Builder from DAE Animation!?

What's that?

Are you feeling sick with Collada DAE format? big ass, huge parse time, long load, plug-in mess up each revision, animation clip need expert modeler to export it with new version from $$$ program, texture didn't pack with model (yes you can use KMZ, but i won't suggest that, face is totally mess from Sketch Up ;p) and bla bla bla….


bad news is you still have to deal with it lol, but good news is from now on we can now export that DAE to MD2 with animation!

Method #1 : DAE -> Mesh -> MovieMesh + AnimationData -> MD2

Yeah, that's mean single mesh animation, I won't buy it

ah ,well let me try again

Method #2 : DAE -> Mesh(es) -> MovieMesh(es) -> MD2(s)

Well, look nice, but how about textures?

you right, let's add texture file name to MD2 header

Method #3 : DAE -> Mesh(es) -> MovieMesh(es) -> MD2(s) + texture filename

Collada got auto textures load isn't it?

you 're lazy bastard! let's pack it then, know KMZ right? let's do it!

Method #4 : DAE -> Mesh(es) -> MovieMesh(es) -> MD2(s) + texture(s) -> MDZ

Which mean I can use WinRar or WinZip to open it?

you right! look at this!



  1. less file size, mean less load time
  2. no bone need, mean only vertex animation here = should be faster
  3. can be dynamic convert DAE bone animation at run time to vertex animation, even share vertices and/or material (some decision will make about this later to toggle shared on/off)
  4. all pack and can be repack by one line of code
  5. can be read MD2 -> modify vertex, animation -> write MD2

And cons?

  1. not optimize yet, weld need
  2. not support quad face yet, need more coffee
  3. no docs for this yet, only brave/geek allow
  4. in case it don't weld/share vertex yet, import back to some real 3d editor may cause some problem

Any demo?

here's DAE and MDZ running together side by side, which mean DAE bone animation and MD2 vertex animation running there, fyi that you can click stage to save model as MDZ


Where can I try this?

let open source rule the world :)

What's next?

can you keep secret? no? i won't tell you then lol, later! Tags: ,
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