Wednesday, January 28, 2009

[ND3D] Smallest 3D engine for JigLib isn't it ;)

Lars just update his ND3D! also my MD2 mod there nice! then it's my turn ;)

Are you got plenty of free time?

-! but i can't resist myself doing this (not again :P) let's skip boring part, here we go!

1. FileMaterial (17kb) : Lars add AlphaMaterialExample look pretty cool but i do hate to embed image in swf so let's mod it to load picture from external


2. Line3D and LineMaterial (16k) : and yes another handy while debugging thing it's axis which mean i need some line here, let's mod it (a bit dirty cause i use 3 vertices here)


3. MD2 with Axis (22k?) it's 18k before isn't it lol, blame me see below for reason ;)


4. Here's most fun and hardest part cause ND3D didn't have Matrix also transform!, actually it's a good news for minimal crazy here cause we can use Matrix class from JigLib and the result is 31kb perfect for banner size limit ;)


and yes that's why size is increasing! but i'm quite sure that no one blame me here ;)
btw, all source code has been sent to Lars and let's him make decision that all features here 'll be add or not (you can blame him now  :P , lol)

What's next?

- i really want to try Unity3D, sadly that i got no Mac here, can some one rapid click my banner plz! i got 11$ now in 1 year, so it's just only 100 year to but some Mac LOL

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Anonymous said...

2.5 will have windows support ;) said...

lol, for new Intel® Core™ i7 then ;D

Rebeca said...

I am flash designer, i want to learn 3D design. Is it very tough ?