Sunday, November 17, 2013

[Flash] Robotlegs 2 Modular Signals Working Example
stolen img from

Yeah yeah i know party is mostly over just me and some dude hanging around and doing shit-chat about old time, but who care? in case client still hire me for mobile app that must be working on both iOS and Android, and sometime also Facebook 2 week time frame...nothing beat Actionscript!

and for someone who still with me here's some juice left for our party!

this should be handy for learning curve form Robotlegs 1 which took me almost 1 year to learn and modify, but Robotlegs 2 only took me 1 day to accomplish. :D

No i'm not that smart ass, i'm just keep hack and slash to survive in this world and it just working :)

Actually i publish this github for a while but mostly forget to share it here due to heavy duty mess up with new iOS app (Xcode) that will be release soon (also with handy lazy code snippet for migrate as3 dude). Stay tune!

Happy coding! No matter Language it is! ;)

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