Saturday, February 2, 2013

[PostCat] How to get App Store Approval in 4 days

How to get approve to App Store in 4 days

After develop in free time for a year, change design 4 times (being client from hell myself), and ping pong reject for a month even nearly give up on approve process (which is working on my side by somehow not on Apple tester side)

I finally found out "the officially secret" that made my Pure as3 Flash AIR app  PostCat to Apple App Store  only in... JUST 4 DAYS! after submit binary (2 weeks is my best record before)

and just like usual i will share how can I get approve that quick but this time the secret will reveal after i my app reach 10,000 downloads , It's free and judge from unique visitors on my don't need to wait that long (finger cross)

Wait! What's this app is all about?

for more detail please see this also my first seriously HTML CSS responsive thingy in decade. so don't expect that much cause i'm Flashy dude ;)

Why I have to download again?

  1. You want to know... :  how to get approved in 4 days :)
  2. It's use Sprite to perform list view : yes without any Stage3D so if you want to know Sprite doing in real life application, try it now cause it will be replace by Stage3D in some version ahead (not because it too slow but i want to compare with Stage3D)
  3. It's use P2P : then if you really want to know is P2P gonna work on iOS and/or via personal hotspot sharing, you must try (Apple tester get P2P blocked i think so my app get reject, this also include in "secret" that how can i get pass on this too)
  4. You are Android lover : Oh! yes Android version will be release right after 10,000 downloads, also some ANE Java source code will be shared here too.
  5. You want to try ANE : that's list here
  6. It's use my design : If you want to know how well can i design, you must try it (cute!)
  7. You love me : and also love my job, download number can't  feed my cats but will keep pushing me to do something more.

Why don't you just tell us like usual?

I usually sharing things and expected some donation to feed my cats but bad news is i get 0$ so far (poor cats), well download is free anyway so don't be hesitate to give it a try.

Think again, May be i'll die with this secret...because target download number never reach, how cool is that LOL ;D


Unknown said...

Amazing job
and ANEs.

13Flo said...

Please tell us :)

I'm waiting for 15 days to get a simple update approval...

mikeciz said...

This would be really great to know! (pssst, I've downloaded you app. Very cool btw).

Christophe said...

Without doing anything special my Free-AIR-app was approved in 1 week.

Guillaume Hemery said...

I have a guess: you're just lucky :)
Nice app btw.

13Flo said...

So Katopz, will you tell us? :)

George Webb said...

Man, I'm intrigued! Just downloading app now. How many downloads are you on?

Pedro Varela said...

no way.. you know what is worst of all approval process.. fkng blackberry

MarkFromOP said...

You can request an expedited approval from Apple, but I wouldn't try to use that with every update.

katopz todsaporn said...

Thanks mikeciz :)

katopz todsaporn said...

I'm lucky that Apple tell me how to ;)

katopz todsaporn said...

337 now lol sry ;)

katopz todsaporn said...

not even close tho, It's easy and free to do ;)