Saturday, August 17, 2013

[Flash] Flash Player and AIR "Irving" and "Jones" 2014

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Adobe is planning its next two releases for late 2013 and early 2014. These releases continue to focus on premium video, gaming, security, and stability.
Some of the features being worked on for these releases include the following:
  • OSX Mavericks support for desktop Flash Player and AIR
  • Significant reduction in iOS packaging times
  • ActionScript concurrency for mobile (beta)
  • iOS 7 support (depends upon Apple schedule)
  • Support for Windows 8.1 PlayTo
  • Support for Windows 8.1 tab suspension improvements
  • Support for Windows Internet Explorer 11 back navigation caching
  • XXHDPI icon support for AIR Android
  • pkg installer bundle for Mac OSX (vs .dmg)
In short : Flash and AIR is not dead yet, someone (You know who) said that already dead (for a while).

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