Thursday, January 16, 2014

[AIR] Adobe AIR4 10x faster packing IPA for real?

Happy new year guys! This is my first post and guess what I still posting about Flash/AIR stuff ;)
In case AIR still my weapon of choice for iOS/Android so let see the results!


  1. AIR SDK :
  2. Extract to AIR SDK path :
  3. use "-useLegacyAOT no" in the ADT command, before the signing options.

Just follow R->G->B step, nice eh? ;)

Result for release build with plenty of assets

  • Before update SDK AIR 3.8 = 7 minutes 8 seconds
  • After update SDK AIR4.0 = 4 minutes 27 seconds
  • After use "-useLegacyAOT no" in the ADT command = 35 seconds

OMG ~12x

All i can say is Adobe just give us a new year gift!
Hungry for more good news? try here :

Now I'm back to Xcode for my next app ;) Happy coding!

Update Some feedback via Twitter 

Update from Adobe Fixed Issues

  • 3739504 [External][Injection] Compiler change causes Flash Player to crash on load
  • Bug 3718581:compile-abc.exe crashes when package a nape physics game with -useLegacyAOT
  • Bug 3694360:-useLegacyAOT no causes logic failures in static function special scenario.
Flash Player Desktop:
AIR Runtime Desktop:

Hope it will be short list for bad news ;)

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