Sunday, May 5, 2013

[BaaS] Backend as a service for free

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After I blog about Free push notification and then dig deeper for other alternative competitor I suddenly found that it's plenty a lot more free Backend as a service (BaaS) out there with also provide not just million of push notification but also free cloud service and else!

Vender Push Noti
per month
API calls
per month
Storage E-mails Users
Appcelerator 5M 5M 20GB 100,000/month
Kinvey 1M ? 100
Stackmob 1M Amazon S3 5GB 200/day
Parse 1M 1M 1GB (10MBx500files)
+500 images
Backendless 200,000 2GB (Object) ? 100
apiOmat ? ? ? ? 1,500
TEMBOO ? 1K 512MB/month ? ?
App42 1M 1M 1GB limit, 1GB/month ?
netmera 1M 5GB ? ?
GoInstant - ? 2GB (imit 10GB transfer) ? 100
Yahoo - ? ? ? 5,000
Firebase - ? 100 MB Data (imit 5GB transfer)
1GB Hosting (limit 100GB transfer)
? 50

I will collect all BaaS here for reference and compare, I did try all of them and my suggestion (for now) is which is just has been take over by Facebook after I try it for 2 days ;p

The good thing for this all services is they all support REST/RESTful API and JSON which really mean Flash/AIR dude can be use their API without any headache.

And like always, any suggestion for other competitor is open and welcome! :)

PS : I'll try keep this table comparison accurate as possible, but for real life use please recheck for pricing plan at service provider page.

UPDATE 1 : as Nick Collins mention, I just add backendless to the list, if you didn't push notification that much and want minor adjust for each $ you spend, this one is perfect for you :)

UPDATE 2 : Thanks Morgan Bickle for correction via comment below, Kinvey has "unlimited" storage for free, so it's a good time for us to fill it up though! ;)

UPDATE 3 : Thanks Mark Piller for clarify and Philipp Schäfer for info, i just add apiOmat to the list, they limit on 3 modules didn't say anyway they have limited to use...

UPDATE 4 : App42 has Flash support! @see Push Notification in Flash, but it only FREE for 3 Months for Non-Indie Developers.(Any individual or a studio with yearly revenue (turn-over) less than $100 K.)

UPDATE 5 : netmera is look really promising, i'm now using Parse but really tempting much more push  notification features from them.
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