Monday, April 8, 2013

[Xcode] Free Push Notification Service

Push notification is another weapon that I didn't dig deep into it because none of my client ask for it just yet, but to be good developer you must collect weapon and be prepare for next war (which client from hell LOL)

Free tools is good for indies and kickstarter, Many of services become free to try out which is great. I accidentally run into this push notification service

and after take look at pricing page I found out that it's really interesting free plan offered there.

I will do "in deep" review for this API like usual (they kind enough to let me try (some of) their API), and that should take some (of my free) time.

BTW, anyone want an Free ANE for this one? Please leave comment below more than 10 requests should be enough for headache ;)

PS : like always, anyone got alternate competitive Push Notification Service please leave comment below (even DIY solution is welcome, I'm always seeking for the best) I will take a look and try compare pros and cons here.

Happy Coding :)

UPDATE : Even more free service as BaaS!

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fukhaos said...

I love a ANE for that !!