Monday, June 10, 2013

[ANE] Use AIR to get USB device ID


That's long Time ago I did ANE HelloWorld for VC++ but didn't had free time to share yet. Suddenly I have some project that will need something like USB hardlock which won't allow program running if USB not plugged in...Challenge Accepted!

AIR with ANE to get USB unique ID which some interval check is a way to go for this case so here we go!


  1. ANE
  2. Code : actually c# is look a lot easier but c++ is close to objective-c enough so i give it a try here is code i use
  3. Editor : Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012
  4. Knowledge Base : some c++, some as3, some googling for .h,.lib and TCHAR fantasy conversion


Tadaaa, USB\VID_xxxx&PID_yyyy\zzzz seem legit and unique enough for me. :D


as3 example, ane build.bat, vc++ bla bla bla all here! just Don't forget to feed my cat

[UPDATE ] Just realize that I already blog about USB ANE here while I just wasting my time here LOL, lucky me I love to code so it didn't hurt that much ;)

Happy coding! ;)

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