Thursday, October 18, 2012

[AIR] Monetize mobile applications

this will contain how developer (yes me and you) can monetize our application, let’s start which some link after googling and I will review it again after use.(wish me luck)

FYI : iAd ANE fail to load via iOS6 and buggy randomly misplace show up, so I’ve to find another solution.

FYI2 : admob for web is deprecated, it change to AdSense hand which not allow on mobile app which mean you just can’t use StageWebView to show AdSense.

    by admob by Google hmm sound interesting in case it has unofficial SDK for AS3 and also support iAd  and other network

    Result : SDK never work for me, I will wait for ANE then, let’s try next one.


    also support AIR ANE, will try if adwhirl fail me then

    Result : I still wait for app ID to test, and they not reply me yet…next!
    [UPDATE#1] placeplay guys just response my email, ask me for my app name, still wait…
    [UPDATE#2] get email response but too late for me (have to submit binary to app store), will try include it next build then.

    plenty of SDK include AIR ANE here

    Result : let’s build and…

    Error occurred while packaging the application:
    Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:
    "_OBJC_CLASS_$_SKStoreProductViewController", referenced from:
    objc-class-ref in C:\\Users\\katopz\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\44fc5e85-5e7d-447e-8269-e590f755951e\\libcom.revmob.airextension.a(RevMobStoreController.o)
    "_SKStoreProductParameterITunesItemIdentifier", referenced from:
    -[RevMobStoreController openStoreWithITunesItemId:] in C:\\Users\\katopz\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\44fc5e85-5e7d-447e-8269-e590f755951e\\libcom.revmob.airextension.a(RevMobStoreController.o)
    ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture armv7
    Compilation failed while executing : ld64
    [UPDATE#1] revmob guys tell me that I also need iOS SDK to build, so…downloading…
    [UPDATE#2] refer to said

    Support for iOS5 native extensions

    To package native extensions that use iOS5 SDK features, the AIR Developer Tool (ADT) requires the location of the iOS5 SDK.
    On Mac OS, Flash Builder lets you select the location of the iOS5 SDK using the Package Settings dialog. After you select the location of the iOS SDK, the selected location is passed through the -platformsdk ADT command.
    Note: This functionality is currently not supported on Windows.

    which mean I just can’t use it…farewell then

  4. you tell me!
PS : my current solution is if iAd ANE fail –> load AdMob ANE
[PS#2] AdMob ANE fail to build with NativeMailExtension and iAd ANE won’t work via iOS6 then ny current solution is only admob-native-extension
Actually this shouldn’t be so hard…but because of iOS is keep update itself then old ANE will fail depend on it luck. so you can expected more update from me here ;p

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Daniel del Castillo said...

With AIR 3.3, it is possible to use platformsdk switch for iOS on a Windows machine too. For using this feature, one needs to copy the desired iOS SDK (iPhoneOS.x.y.sdk) on their Windows machine and use the platformsdk switch of the ADT