Sunday, March 21, 2010

[Flex] Windows 7 + Wacom + Flex Builder 3 = FAIL

yes easy as that, feel free to tear your hair out for this issue, and no there is no solution for this just yet and not any time soon, only solution is you have to uninstall wacom driver to magically get your Flex Builder 3 work properly again (no reboot need), woot!


i don't think much ppl have this issue…should be only hybrid designer/developer like me, and even worst Flash Builder 4 didn't have this problem which mean no fix Flex Builder 3 nice ehh?

don't believe me? here's Adobe said

unfortunately Flash Builder 4 beta still BUG be easily like refuse to recompile randomly after the code! i don't need 30-60 day trial to uninstall it ;p for this

and no! no need to report this FB4 bug to Adobe because it's randomly happen and kinda hard to specify step to reproduce it (and may be only me)

still don't believe me? here's Adobe said (and silently closed ;p)

and no! don't let me doing geek solution like manually add src path in config file in case uninstall wacom driver is easier and also not only this config page have this issue other config page like flexformatter or even scroll bar at normal editor coding page refuse to refresh! which mean all UI is totally mess up!

and no! (again) i know if i report this bug to wacom, they will said that it's fix in FB4 isn't it? so it's not wacom problem at all, why don't you use other tool?….right, let's see my other choices….

and yes! i know that IntelliJ IDEA is there but not again i got something that i can't solve like it always add "_" in front of my swf like _test.swf instead of test.swf for some reason (i did import old flex project that include svn, new project didn't have this problem), also i just don't like how it format my code, flexformatter is already better, i'll get back to this again when i got some free time

how about FDT? after sneaking around FDT4 all i can said that it's easier than previous version, no more headache setting up to make it work and n00b is welcome there, which mean my next project will build on FDT for sure, in case i didn't find any issue just yet, kudos FDT team! in case they support open source group with free license! and this keep  pushing me continue provide free code too!, i think open source's working just like that (give and take)

and yes, this post will out date because FB4 should release soon (and hopefully without randomly refuse to recompile bug) i don't expect any solution for this just yelling out loud like tweet but 140 chars just not enough for this nightmare ;p

so…, no beta version for next Flash CS5? it's scary me totally, be prepare your JIRA bug base then ;)

UPDATE : and a sec after i publish this post,...Adobe just release Flash Builder 4 LOL nice ehh? ;)

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Steve said...

Thanks, this solved the problem! I had problems with the buid path and Modules being blank. The is a post refering to issues with a few other driver here: