Monday, February 15, 2010

[Away3DLite] More particles!

I think you're dead?

Long time no blog post woohoo! this year gonna be fun because I plan to workless play more, I need my life back! It's time for having fun ;D

Particle again?

Yeah! 2x faster one with some clipping cheating, 3x faster for no scale via copyPixels ;)
here's animated bitmap particles, while toggle render to copy pixels mode
we even have some fps to add filters and blend mode there ;D 

away3dlite particles

It's clipping around 1,000 particles, so around 2,000 left for render time, all shared same bitmapdata

OK, It's faster than before, what else?

- Shared bitmapData
- Support render to view/layer/bitmap (warning, bitmap approach need some change later)
- Clip by RectClipping
- Animate frame by frame by move their material rect
- Mouse hitTest each particle can be check by particle.isHit

Prove it!

well, here's for more fancy use, magic happen when you draw model 3D to shared bitmapData

1x version via Sprite3D (2009 demo, 1,000 Sprite3D @ 10/30fps)

2x version via Particles (2,000 Particles @ 12/30 drawRect, and @ 24/30fps via copyPixels)
Try click to switch draw method from drawRect  -> copyPixels


as you wish!, you've been warn, it's dev stuff, which mean daily change will be apply ;p

Any thing else?

- Well, like it or not 3D with HW support via Flash not happen so soon…so i think caching/pooling bitmapdata like old style sprite 2D game with fixed camera angle is best choice for me this year, even Adobe release HW support tomorrow, we still have to wait next year for real production…

- Sadly but true, PSP didn't have multi touch, DS didn't have high quality graphic, iPad/iPhone didn't support Flash, WinMo 7 didn't support Flash, Flash didn't have HW support, Chrome didn't have RSS icon for feeding web, WebGL need geeky browser hidden somewhere and need super tricky to enable it, I think all this just #FAIL and still happen 'til today, many of them is nonsense ;p

- And here's #WIN list…LG LCD TV/Monitor cheaper than Samsung at better spec, Sony VAIO is cheaper Than DELL at better spec. SkyFire support Flash 10 on mobile for a year but not many peep notice! OpenPlug release AS3 -> mobile solution before Adobe Slider, Unity3D bring 3D technology 10 year far away from Flash 3D

- I won't say someone lazy in case I did ;p , Away3DLite is lack many features too, good luck it's open source, and we are open mind group, we always listen to any developer who want to push Flash to limit, when we squeeze all frame rate out and it still useless, so we can totally blame Adobe at that point…

- Many thanks to all submitted patch/improvement to us last year, you just help me save plenty of time, please don't stop doing that!


- May be Pixel particles? someone need it? it should be faster 5x for pixel, I think.

- Bad news UVT is slow, if you found that lite is slower in some case, try activate MIPMAP by use 2^n texture should help some, I'm try to figure out this by separate renderer, and render it without calculate "T" internal (and we can blame Adobe here ;p), and look like it not happen so soon

- Model Viewer, It's time to real production, let's start with model viewer :) Tags:

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Anonymous said...

holy moly, that's a lot of marios! (the 2000 one), and animating darn good.