Sunday, October 17, 2010

[Android] Just another Hello World AIR (pure AS3) on Android via Flash Builder 4

yeah just right title said that, I’m kinda sick of “no tethering via windows phone 7”, it’s totally fail in my opinion for M$, so I decide to get back to Android Development instead ;p

Where’ve you been I think other guys did that already?

like this one
// here’s cool but you don’t need to do all that with command line!

let’s try GUI one
// here’s nice but Flash IDE is too slow and yes I hate it,

so I’ve to stop at #12 and continue doing things in FB4 after that

Well you can get back to 1st blog in that case?

yeah right, but it’s not all off history, things seem to be get harder in my hand, some they tell it work it’s just not work on me ;p

Whatever just show me what’s your problem.

here we go, some is note to self for later use ;)


  1. Flash Builder 4 :
  2. d/l Android stuff and do stupid setup
  3. register and d/l AIR related
  4. read above blogs I mention until you get stuck, and get back to me ;p


  1. after try to create apk package I got this

    could not load keystore file (password may be incorrect)

    - no I’m not that stupid, my password is right, and here’s why

    It is important that the Certificate is not placed in your source directory

    - who’s gonna know that huh!? what’s so wrong if I put my katopz.p12 in src folder!?, what ever just move eto parent folder then, case solved! now i get that apk

  2. and eventually after try deploy to Android Emulator I got this

    - real problem is all blog(s) above didn’t get this one but I did ;p, here’s why
    For physical device:
    adt.bat -package -target apk -storetype pkcs12...

    For emulator:
    adt.bat -package -target apk-emulator -storetype pkcs12...

    - not make any sense to me, (I’m also spot that some 3KB diff for this) I think I can accidently publish “apk-emulator” to real market later for sure (when I’m dne and forget to change this back), and I bet this will cause further issue(s)

  3. my 1st app is there but it’s close eventually after click to run, and log panel via Android throw error
    ApplicationContext : Unable to create file dirirectory
    - yeah right nice 1st error for Android to me, lucky that I can solve this with out googling

    go to your main-app.xml and uncomment below this
    <!-- Specify Android specific tags that get passed to AndroidManifest.xml file. –>

    - and that <android> tag I’m talking about I assume that because uses-permission maybe at "android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" is need even I didn’t have anything to write on (just hello world TextField in my case), in case it’s already work, I just open them all just like that for now, if you have real reason, do tell ;)

and here’s my final cmd look like

adt -package -target apk-emulator -storetype pkcs12 -keystore ../katopz.p12 main.apk main-app.xml main.swf



Wow, you so unlucky I didn’t have all this issues

- nvm that, I think I’m already get used to it lol,;D oh btw, I almost forgot to thanks to donator! here we go!

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do tell me if you want to remove your name and/or web above and BIG THANKS! your donation will keep me blogging and sharing things! and make me still believe in doing good things shall get good things in return (good karma rules!) ;D

PS : so don’t be hesitate to click any ads in my blog here or donate! even 0.001$ is welcome! I do need real mobile phone to test things e.g. away3dlite, and shame that cost money (I think if I can use “thanks” word to buy it I already got one ;p)

if I save your time, please do save mine :)

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Tony Lukasavage said...

Nice. I guess its about time I do some of this experimentation myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katopz have you tried openplug framework?

i made a post there trying to make it work for winmo