Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[Flash10] Massive amounts of 3D lines without Alchemy and PixelBender?

Want to know what happen if we add line draw to Joa Ebert 300,000 particles? kidding! lol ;p but i still want to try how much lines F10 can handle heehee bad habit ;), let's do it!...


 Flash10 lines


  • try increase more MAX_PARTICLES as you wish
  • try remove line alpha/line style for some speed gain
  • try drawPath if you want to compare ;)
  • it's about 3000 lines with 27fps on my 2.4ghz single core
  • and 5000 with 28fps with 2.13ghz quad core



  • do you want to know how much fps on pure 3D Flash10 vertices with texture? my last try is 30/30fps at ~3,000 vertices at 2.4ghz single core @medium quality and drop eventually after add more vertices ;o , 'll blog about that soon ;)
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