Thursday, April 2, 2009

[JigLib] new JigLib+Away3D example


- good news is huge update and new example released, but bad news is it not seem to work on me ;o


- Away3D geek don't like to wait, then i fix it, and also add handy SimpleView+Stat


  - faster? slower? see for your self ;)

JigLibFlash Away3D


- it's working "only today svn"


- i currently addict to my own AIR web browser, someone want to joy dev it with me? tell me and i'll put them to google code ;)
- btw thx for all click to ads, i got $29.27 now (almost 2 years), so i'll get 100$ pay around next 2-3 years not bad eh? what i gonna buy that day? lol ;)

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Core said...

Could it be good to have a kind of short explanation too.