Friday, February 13, 2009

[Away3D] v2.3 released + new JigLib demo

Read here and more here, okie! now my turn ;) in case JigLib release new Car and Drag demo, but nothing seem to support Away3D like expected ;o, so look like it's my duty to make for Away3D geek, no need to wait!

Here we go

- Engine run test: use your keyboard to move sphere

- Car Drive : use your keyboard to move car 

- Mouse Drag : use your mouse or your m8 mouse :p kidding

what's you can expect is clean code with some comment, and best of all is now you can be access in svn
here and all 3 examples include there just browse!

That's all?

- not yet, as you can see new profiler and stat appear on top there, that's right! new handy tool is coming to town!, here's how to use it

   1:  // init
   2:  Tasks.init(this, "Tasks test run by katopz");
   4:  // begin task
   5:  Tasks.begin("Loop");
   7:  // try slow down
   8:  for(var i:uint=0;i<20000;i++)
   9:  {
  10:      var j:Number = Math.random()+Math.sin(i)+Math.cos(i);
  11:  }
  13:  // end task
  14:  Tasks.end("Loop","00FFFF");

that's it! and now "Label" and total milliseconds result in specified loop will automatic appear in that taskbar and also plot in mr.doobs Hi-ReS! Stats on the right, nice ehh?

What's next?

- xmpp just out, maybe i can make it work trough strict firewall here (may be not lol) also empty room of cocomo is still waiting for me there, sadly all my free time has gone!

PS. any JigLib question plz ask them not me!, i know nothing more than you guy really! ;) have fun coding!

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome, thanks! But how can I make the car demo run at normal speed? Right now it seems to be in "slow-mo." said...

just try adjust at, oop! i answer JibLib question! ;p

Anonymous said...

I've fiddled with the config (and even removed the boxes) but it still seems noticeably slower than the papervision demo. Anything I could try in particular?

Thanks said...

i didn't see any problem here, as you can see my screen shot is said 30/30 fps there ;)