Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[Away3D] Basic Collada Animation Examples

Skip this if you already Away3D expert!, nothing new just got time to start doing leg work here, all noobs is welcome, ;D

1. Basic Collada Animation



skinAnimation = (target.animationLibrary["default"] as AnimationData).animation as SkinAnimation;

// update animation

2.  Collada Custom Material



// try change "lambert1" material
var targetMaterial:MaterialData = target.materialLibrary.getMaterial("lambert1");
targetMaterial.material = new BitmapFileMaterial("assets/Maya8.5/ColladaMaya3.05B/advance/10_skeleton.png");


- better put in svn right?, a lot easier for keep update and fixing later :)
- grab here http://away3d.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/examples/Collada

That's it?

- lol, yes it's just special request from some peep around here ;), and i decide to blog it for other noobs out there, you can expected more complicated examples later when i got free time and mood :P


- i mention about Cocomo (AFCS) before and it's run just fine on my "Hello World" test (which my stupid error that i forget to type room name, lol), should blog about it somehow

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