Friday, June 20, 2008

Hello World : LowRa

yup, another as3 framework nice features&idea, thx! Francis Bourre for LowRa anyway more talk just try! ;)



        <txt id="txt" type="flash.text.TextField">
            <property name="text" value="Hello world!"/>
            <property name="autoSize" value="left"/>
            <method-call name="setTextFormat">
                <argument ref="tf"/>
    <tf id="tf" type="flash.text.TextFormat">
        <argument type="" value="Arial"/>
        <argument type="Number" value="30"/>
        <argument type="Number" value="0xFF0000"/>



import com.bourre.ioc.load.ApplicationLoader;
import flash.display.Sprite;

* HelloWorld LowRa : Low-level Rework on Actionscript 3.0
* @link
* @author
public class HelloWorldLowRa extends Sprite
public function HelloWorldLowRa()
new ApplicationLoader(this, true, new URLRequest("HelloWorldLowRa.xml"));




  • try more at dll?, data?, plugins? bla bla bla
  • try another framework? vegas? jumpship? troyworks? AsWing?

Any good News?

look like i need more than 24hrs to try 'em all, lol anyway the good news is Collada (DAE) animation with away3d is already finish for a month (ago) with some useful stuff like controllable joint at runtime (that's fun!), you can expected more for collada maya samples&tutorials i'm working on it ;)

've fun! ;D

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Jörg said...

Hey thanks a lot for this example..
i tried it with a recent LowRA rev.. it didn't work.. so if someone of you gets stuck w/ this error "com.bourre.ioc.error::NullIDException" – make sure that your root node has an 'id' attribute as follows:

< root id="root" >

though i'm a real LowRA rookie, i actually don't know much more than this.. but that should do the trick!