Monday, February 11, 2008

Papervision3D GreatWhite : DAE Animation

Happy Chinese New Year, look like i always come up when new year eh? :P

actually i already post this to PV3D's mail archieve for a month
also PV3D team said that "soon" to release woking version
so i decide to leave my dae mod in trash, but many one keep asking me
for a guide, so...this is a quick/mod guide!
anyway if you not understand my MD2 last post yet, plz don't
try this one, noobs warning!

  1. it's look old but it's new
  2. MD2 it's left and right, DAE in middle, all in one to prove it work fine together
  3. try click on left/right plane to change animation (full loop/half loop)
  4. don't expect cleaner version
What for?
  1. learn to integrate MD2 mod -> DAE mod
  2. early use of DAE Animation
  3. money? sigh....i just got 0.01$ from google ads from my own click ... opps! sorry google just test :P
  1. last know good PaperVision3D rev 421
  2. AS Class in old MD2 guide : Papervision3D GreatWhite : MD2 Animation
  3. your animated DAE (that's must auto play fine in original package)
  4. Some mod/add below
How to?

1. add 2 SleepyController this in org\papervision3d\objects\parsers\

//public lazy hack
public var SleepyController1
public var SleepyController2
private function buildAnimationController( joint:Node3D, keys:Array,
matrices:Array ):void
var mats:Array = new Array(matrices.length);
var ctl:SimpleController = new SimpleController(joint,
SleepyController1 = ctl
}else {
SleepyController2 = ctl

2. line #100 at \org\papervision3d\core\animation\controllers\ to fix weird animation (just over frame)

var endFrame:AnimationFrame = this.frames[ currentFrame ];
//proof it work

3. add controller after "controller complete" not just model complete in your ""

dae.SleepyController1.gotoAndLoop(10, 20)
dae.SleepyController2.gotoAndLoop(10, 20)

4. mix up with MD2? let's see

ctrl.gotoAndLoop(0, 16)
dae.SleepyController1.gotoAndLoop(10, 20)
dae.SleepyController2.gotoAndLoop(10, 20)
md2.setMaterial(new BitmapFileMaterial("pg.png"));
}else {
ctrl.gotoAndLoop(18, 31)
dae.SleepyController1.gotoAndLoop(0, 40)
dae.SleepyController2.gotoAndLoop(0, 40)
md2.setMaterial(new BitmapFileMaterial("pg_angry.png"));


  1. if you not mod addict or really need early use of DAE animation plz skip this ;)
  2. dig something else and wait for official release
  3. sigh.... ;P


Jack CK SO said...

Hi,may i have the sources of the above flash? Since I tried hard but can't figure out how to make it work. Thanx a lot. said...

my sample already out of date, plz do try follow this thread instead

hth :D

Jack CK SO said...

Thanx a lot, I just tried following the thread at osflash, but it doesn't seem to be good for a beginner at all ... without the whole picture ...

Anonymous said...

I have a class to control DAE animations, i'm working in the final version but there is the current version available to download.

look here:

Alessandro Previti said...

Hi! Where exactly in the is the code suppose to be placed?
I receive lot of errors from my flashbuilder...