Friday, February 29, 2008

Away3D : EngineTest 1.9.4 rev 443

Just engine test, after Rob add my
to 1.9.4, it's now easy for flash ppl to use! no more embed! ;)

What for?
  • learning another 3D engine
  • suggest handy class to group
  • boost up both 3D engine to limit

  • don't know, busy here ;P


Anonymous said...

I like the Directonal Sprite thing, i´m doing something like that for a game.

Is funny how u never release a full source code, or a working source code in your site, always snippeds... and hits... :(

anyway... said...

full source code is cost someone (my customer) money, so i can only share some snippet/guide here

sad to here that code never working there next time i'll share just idea no more useless d/l link then ;)

Anonymous said...

mmhh... good point, i take that back then, keep working !! XD

Pablo Bandin said...

i like your coding style!