Friday, January 4, 2008

Papervision3D GreatWhite : MD2 Animation

Happy new year! Let's start with some dirty/early coding, lol

  1. dirty one (internal use) :
  2. try click on left/right plane to change animation (sit/stand)
  3. good/clean demo later (really later)

What for?
  1. Holy guide to take control MD2 animation.
  2. happy new year (eh?)
  1. PaperVision3D 2.0 GreatWhite rev 391
  2. modded :
  3. modded :
How to?
  1. merge modded/original package (1+2+3)
  2. add MorphController to MD2
  3. call "gotoAndLoop" function with begin/end frame parameters
  4. got error(s) and shutdown without save (kidding :P)
  1. compare modded class with svn, see the diff
  2. call function like this

var ctrl = AnimationEngine.getControllers(md2)[0] as MorphController;
ctrl.gotoAndLoop(18, 31);

Where's to go next?

  1. home?
  2. bed?
  3. :P


grumble said...

hello! good job! does this work for DAE/Collada as well? if so, can you give me a short hint on how to get animations in DAEs to work correctly? thanks!

katopz said...

@grumble : this should help