Thursday, April 3, 2008

Away3D : Fluid with Polygonal

Open source 'll rule the world ;) , when someone release some code. someone else use/mod and release it like virus cycle, i'm talking about Water Fuild as3 code here , let's see...

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then it's my turn and let's challenge more Fluid with Away3D Polygonal Array3

  1. model and textures are someone (not mine) copyright.
  2. use Numpad 1 for Wire, 2 for Texture, 3 to toggle Polygonal on/off
  3. left click navigate, right click for stat
What's for
  1. learn to use Polygonal Array3 (maybe faster maybe not)
  2. keep open source growing ;)
  3. try add more sample/skill with Away3D
  1. add real physics (maybe WOW)
  2. add more duck to test more Array3 speed