Wednesday, October 17, 2007

AS3 : Hello World API

Still don't know where to go? just try full list of interesting here

For me? I did try some of 'em and it's fun! Let's see my top fav

1. Tweener : If you want to tween something (actually anything)

2. PaperVision3D : It's time for Flash 3D already

3. PaperQuake2 : 3D Animate, It's useful while you wait for Collada still in development progress

4. APE (Actionscript Physics Engine) : Need collision particle? It's there!

FZip : File too heavy? Just pack it and go!

6. AsWing : Cool GUI exit? Yes!

7. WiiFlash : Need to control flash with WiiMote?

8. ASTRA :
Rich Applications UI from yahoo!
Is that all? Nope not yet, Next time let's mix things up together

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