Monday, May 11, 2015

[NodeJS] HelloWorld Hapi And Faye

I did experiment with express and faye for serving static content and socket thingy before (Forget to blog about it arghhhh sry!), but I just run into some mention that real man use hapi and faye seem to be a weapon of choices for gitter 

As usual, I love to collect weapons for my upcoming project (many of them never use for production LOL). And after an hour with a little modification here's result... // TODO : sound TADAAA
tl;dr :

If you have keen eye you will spot...

Got a message: hi from objc ^^

That's right! It's not just js to js (which is too easy!) but also some sub/pub from objtive-c too! If you feeling brave please feel free to follow FayeCpp setup instruction then apply my patched and enjoy!

Happy Coding! :D

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