Monday, May 12, 2014

[ANE] How to build and use x86 ANE AIR14

Know how to build/use normal armv7 ANE? Here's another step :)

How to build x86 ANE AIR14 via command line

  1. load AIR 14 here
  2. Read this :
  3. modify old your old extension.xml

    tip : just copy whole old Android-ARM xml platform tag and change it name to Android-x86 should do the trick cause other remain same.
  4. and for ADT packaging command for ANE build script...

    adt -package -target ane Sample.ane extension.xml -swc Sample.swc -platform Android-ARM -C Android-ARM/ . -platform Android-x86 -C Android-x86/ .

Pitfalls and Hints

  1. even single dot is matter for packing command, just don't miss it.
  2. Android-ARM/ .  mean you will need Android-ARM folder and "." mean anything in that folder will be pack.
  3. you can try to unzip your ANE for fun
  4. in case you can unzip your old armv7 ANE, and it contain old .jar which really mean you can rebuild x86 support without original source just some guts (i don't try it yet, but it should work)
that's it!

How to check if ANE is x86 compatible

just take a look tho ;p

How to use x86 architec via Flash Builder

for debug do add -arch=x86 via customize launch like after -listen like this (not anymore it's fixed then after May 14, 2014 you will need to add after -storetype )

but for run you will need to add before -storetype instead (because -listen not exist)

[UPDATE May 14, 2014] : Adobe fixed this and you will need to add -arch=x86 before -storetype from now on

[UPDATE May 16, 2014] : refer to...
  • 3759405 : [x86]Export Release Build from Flash Builder fails to run app on Android device when -arch parameter is used.

workaround is uncheck delete bin-release-temp folder and your apk will survived inside that temp folder... sound weird i know, just do it!

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