Monday, August 24, 2009

[Flash 10] Round 1: Away3D vs. Away3DLite


- just speed test, want to see speed improve aren't you? ;)
- expect more explanation about Away3DLite at official Away3D site later


- name, coding, size (~13kb)
- render pipeline (3D native)
- overall ~4x speed increase
- maximum rendered faces increase from 3,000 to ~14,000 for quad core and steady at 30/30fps


- Away3D 119kb, 23-26fps via quad core

- Away3DLite 13 kb, 30/30fps via quad core


- yes it's finally public in Away3DLite name like i said before , thx Rob for cleaning up ;)
- libs :
- examples :


- round 2? i expect you to do that ;p and do tell me if you get faster result from other engine ;)
- more examples? yes sure things, you can expected more soon
- more features? why not?


Diomas said...

away3dlite.core.utils.TextUtil is missing in svn said...

oops...thx Diomas ;) try update svn

Philippe said...

How feature-complete is Away3DLite compared to Away3D?

It looks like many original classes are present (like the Collada parser) but it would be nice that you confirm that. said...

Hey Philippe

yes, actually Collada not include in my 1st plan but Rob migrate it to lite already :)

and i just add jigliblite fp10 support there for lite

which mean we have fun add features with no plan at all lol sry

good news is v1 should be release really soon ;)

Matthew Casperson said...

Away3D Lite Terrain Demo

Promethe said...

Tested the same experiment with my own 3D framework:
- same final SWF size
- same performances

Drawing a sphere is quite straight forward thought so any "decent" (uhuh :p) library will get the same performances...

Maybe you could do some MD2 experiment... that's more of a challenge! said...

that's more challenge when you open source teacher ;)

Promethe said...

I'm creating my own company and my 3D framework is one of our "products". The open source strategy is something we are seriously considering but it is not a sure thing yet... so better safe than sorry!

I just pimped Mr. Doob's framerate counter a little to make it more 3D friendly. My version shows the number of triangles per seconds (and the chart of course). Triangles per seconds is a very relevent value or at least more relevent than the framerate alone. I'll blog about it very sound :P

ChaBS said...

hello Matthew

i am trying to port an old as2 perspective based (car dodging) game in away 3d as a personal project. i am conversant with as3 but this is my first attempt at away 3d or rather 3d.

i need an endless straight plain to make the ground where i can have my car go straight (forever). could you please guide me in the correct direction as how to go about it.