Monday, October 5, 2009

[Away3DLite] Let's mess with Particles


  • when ppl busy with BSP thing i keep mess up with 2D particles...sound boring huh? it's still fun for me lol ;)
  • it's sort with mesh screenZ, (and yes you can request to make it sort with face but it will be slower obviously, so...i decide to do it really later)
  • draw with old style render method beginBitmapFill+drawRect
  • animated by adding bitmapData sequence, and turn animated on (off by default)
  • auto buffer scale just like DOF (without blurring), slower for small piece but a lot faster for huge bitmap (more than ~24px), but consume more RAM depend on quality option set
  • layer support! weirdo but it's there!, i can imagine that someone use this particle as Tree decor, and that will be nightmare if no layer support! more good news is it's just Sprite that you can add filters or blendmode to it! cool ehh? ;)


  • render as Object3D is seem to be slower because you need to apply matrix transform twice + invert also more traverse time through child node, pros is you can get native interactive
  • render by drawGraphicsData, so it's just like plane = 2 triangles right? you can test speed for 200-300 plane before thing go slow down, so i count that not a good choice
  • render with copyPixels, yeah i know that best choice, but i need buffer scale and some Bitmap for that, and i need to z-sort that Bitmap with other Mesh! so...not now,... suppose to be have own canvas 1st i think


  • best score for drawRect is around 10px particles with around 2,000-2,500 at 30/30fps steady... i call this "it's just work" version ;p so you can use it it but don't expect for speed wise just yet ;)

away3dlite particles



  • next try would be drawPath , i'll explain this one later (if it work well ;p) let's compare speed again when it done :)
  • btw, in case no GPU for PC via Flash10.1, let's pray drawPath will be faster ;p
  • any comment for improvement is welcome! Tags: ,


CJ Cat said...

Nice use of particles there :) said...

thx CJ, i like your cat ;)