Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prana : Hello World Prana (Minimalist)

What now?

- after i dig in to framework world for a while and try to pick up some suite for my next project, and i find we got plenty of them! here is some list in case you interesting to learn (hope i didn't miss someone here)

Sort by alphabet so no heart feeling ;), and who's the best? suggestion is just close your eye and choose one! :P

Why pick up Prana?

- i don't know! :P (i'm noobs, lol) try ask Trevor Burton! i found that Prana used here ,also i saw Prana in igenko diagram here ,so let's start with Prana, easy huh? ;)

Just hello world?

- let's add more fun! cause they already got awesome sample there and that'll be boring so let's challenge with minimalist! here

Why minimalist?

- Size is matter for me! here is before 181kb (no-debug version)
- and it's Flex project, let's challenge more with Action Script Project only (ripped .mxml) shall we?


- tadaaa 74kb! here :
- FYI : you can try save another 9kb with out font embed ;)

Source code :


- maybe try apply PureMVC + Minimal concept...maybe! :P
- or it's time to try Cloud API , isn't it? ;)
- have fun coding!


eKameleon said...

Hello :)

VEGAS and AST'r is the same tool ;)

AST'r is only a documentary framework to explain the IoC, MVC... implementations with VEGAS and this extensions ;)

The english documentation is in progress but for the moment you can read the french version :

EKA+ :) said...

Hi eKameleon :)

nice to meet you ;), thx for more information for AST'r, actually i already fall in love with your AST'r egallery sample there, kiss kiss :)...

Iteratif said...


and Indigo framework ?

look at here :