Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ND3D : Is that possible 18KB SWF for MD2 animation?


- I use Away3D for web site, but sometime i do need smallest kb for banner limited size somehow (blame slow speed connection here ;)


it's 2 options in my mind
1. Away3D : scale down by ripping no use class there
2. ND3D : implement MD2 animation by mod existing class by Philippe Ajoux (Where's he now btw?)
the 2nd choice look...more challenge ;D


image- it's quite easy to implement MD2 parser there cause ND3D is quite simply to understand, after 1 night pass by, here is 18k swf : http://sleepydesign.com/labs/as3/ND3D/MD2


- that's it! actually it's not much class added, also not much line changed/mod so swf size still small ever!
- it can be optimize somehow, nothing optimize yet really ;)
- it can be smaller, but 18kb already fine to me


- i forget to mention early, my F10 test and also this MD2 animation source code already sent to Lars, so do beg him if you really need them (sorry Lars i know you busy, don't blame me here ;P )


- hmm, don't know yet...maybe hello world PureMVC or maybe more F10 test ;P
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