Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ND3D : Is that possible 18KB SWF for MD2 animation?


- I use Away3D for web site, but sometime i do need smallest kb for banner limited size somehow (blame slow speed connection here ;)


it's 2 options in my mind
1. Away3D : scale down by ripping no use class there
2. ND3D : implement MD2 animation by mod existing class by Philippe Ajoux (Where's he now btw?)
the 2nd choice look...more challenge ;D


image- it's quite easy to implement MD2 parser there cause ND3D is quite simply to understand, after 1 night pass by, here is 18k swf : http://sleepydesign.com/labs/as3/ND3D/MD2


- that's it! actually it's not much class added, also not much line changed/mod so swf size still small ever!
- it can be optimize somehow, nothing optimize yet really ;)
- it can be smaller, but 18kb already fine to me


- i forget to mention early, my F10 test and also this MD2 animation source code already sent to Lars, so do beg him if you really need them (sorry Lars i know you busy, don't blame me here ;P )


- hmm, don't know yet...maybe hello world PureMVC or maybe more F10 test ;P


Evan said...

cool work. I also have taken a look at the nd3d engine and its light weight is very attractive. Problem is that ASE file format is too big as I wish to use the 3ds format.

it doesn't seem like it was too hard for you to integrate the md2 format with the nd3d engine. do you have any advice for me as I tempt to port the 3ds parser or is it too hard do you think?

katopz@sleepydesign.com said...

it's should be easier cause 3ds didn't have animation in there, my suggestion is do try googling for "Max3DS.as" and you will got plenty of them and mod! ;D

Evan said...

Hi Katopz, thank you very much for your encouragement. So I ended up moding the PV3D 3DS parser to the ND3D. You can read about it here:


Anonymous said...

Hello. I realize this is old, but I was bored tonight, and searched my name on google. Found this post, and saw my name was mentioned. For anyone concerned, I'm not dead or anything, just moved webpages, and not been doing much of any Flash as of late. I've been rather pre-occupied with learning for the past couple years.

I find it rather interesting that my name still pops up when all I did was write a parse for PV3D back when.

Anyway, I've moved to www.idlecode.net (nothing up at the moment).

katopz@sleepydesign.com said...

Hi Philippe!, you are my hero ;) nice to see around, looking forward to your work, cheers!

Leon Law said...

Could you tell me where can I reach the cat model?

katopz todsaporn said...

Hi Leon Law

wow, kinda old ;) it's here


it's free to use for anything, just give me some credit :)