Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Away3D : Collada Animation (Blender)

thx rect (note.x), help me testing collada blender export, here's result

Away3D Collada Blender


  1. we are support Maya 8.5 with ColladaMaya 3.05B
  2. we (maybe) support Blender 2.4 6 with ColladaBlender 0.3.159


  1. i got no skill in Blender so i ask rect for help
  2. i got no time to learn 'em all just Maya ;/
  3. i try to make friend(s) with AS3, and it work ;D


  1. my sample here : http://sleepydesign.blogspot.com/2008/07/away3d-collada-animation.html
  2. some basic Collada Animation that export from Blender
  3. hair for tearing off ;P


  1. do try explore more maya dae samples here
  2. blender? try ask blender guy not me, i can't help ;)


  1. more advance sample
  2. finish real life job ;P
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