Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Away3D : Collada Animation (Blender)

thx rect (note.x), help me testing collada blender export, here's result

Away3D Collada Blender


  1. we are support Maya 8.5 with ColladaMaya 3.05B
  2. we (maybe) support Blender 2.4 6 with ColladaBlender 0.3.159


  1. i got no skill in Blender so i ask rect for help
  2. i got no time to learn 'em all just Maya ;/
  3. i try to make friend(s) with AS3, and it work ;D


  1. my sample here : http://sleepydesign.blogspot.com/2008/07/away3d-collada-animation.html
  2. some basic Collada Animation that export from Blender
  3. hair for tearing off ;P


  1. do try explore more maya dae samples here
  2. blender? try ask blender guy not me, i can't help ;)


  1. more advance sample
  2. finish real life job ;P


markww said...


You got animations exported in Collada format from Blender? How? I'm trying the same but the Collada 1.4 export keeps dying (even with a simple cube moved a few pixels!).

I'd like to get a simple animation imported into papervision3D.


katopz@sleepydesign.com said...

hi markww, i didn't use PaperVision3D for a year, look like you 've to ask in PaperVision3D group about that question, actually it's not much code change to support blender ;)

nanmo said...


Blender's Collada exporter is very buggy(too much stop error!).
But, Blender's FBX exporter is almost safety.

Do you know Autodesk FBX Converter?
It's free(no cost) and very useful(Convert to FBX,Convert from FBX,Convert FBX to FBX).
Of course, it can convert to Collada(DAE).
You can download http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/mform?siteID=123112&id=10775855 .
(it require some your information...)

If Away3D can FBX Converter support done, might be supports for some 3D (FBX support) applications.

By the way, I'm tried moving my model in the Away3D(rev.682).
I could show your sample model(cute cat).
But, unfortunately I couldn't show other models.

Cheer Up!

nanmo said...

Excuse me, consecutive comment.

I found a (unofficial) patch for Blender Collada Exporter.
There is http://cast3d.org/fixes:blenderfix at Cast3D site.

This patch is very fantastic!
I could display moving model!

A my simple test is http://bleble.s321.xrea.com/colladaTest/colladaTest.html


rlee said...

Hi nanmo,

I went to your http://bleble.s321.xrea.com and download your blender files for "ineine_pack". Then load one of your blender projects (inechan and inekun), export the model using Collada 1.4. Then I load that to Papervision3D, the animations are not smooth at all.. unlike your simple test "http://bleble.s321.xrea.com/colladaTest/colladaTest.html". Do you know why? Also, the code to test the 3D model doesn't add texture, not sure if that matter.

Also, I tried the Cast3D fix and it makes things worse..