Monday, August 31, 2015

Moved to Medium


Sorry to say this but blogger is too ugly/buggy/outdate editor.
So it's about time to move on to other island.
I'm now focus on Meteor and Swift at full speed from now on.
Which mean AS3/Flash/AIR/ANE is pretty much dead to me sry!

BTW, I did build my own Jekyll via Github.
but blogging with StackEdit or WYSIWYG Pen is take me too much time.
Also I'll end up lonely which shouldn't be good for social buzz.
I think I'll play with Jekyll again later when I've have more free time and mojo.

For record, I post around 100 stories (some is draft and never publish!) 
and I made $100 from ads so far (from 2007/09/09 to 2015/09/09).
So Thanks guys! and please welcome to my next half life.
Which is pretty much same me just new blog facelift. :D

Thanks! for mess with me. And see you there!

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