Friday, November 7, 2014

[AIR] Workaround for broken Base64 via AIR 15

Problem : Refer to AIR 15 release note here's list of painful know issues ;)

  1. [iPhone 6 Plus] Wrong screen size and dpi is returned through the runtime APIs.
  2. [iPhone 6 Plus] iPad Launch image is displayed on iPhone 6 Plus in standard display mode.
  3. Unable to install the application on iOS Simulator after updating iOS SDK and iPhone simulator with 7.1.
  4. [HMAOT] Hurlant Base64,encode doesn't work with new fast packaging engine.
  5. iOS tlfText not rendering, when application packaged with new fast packaging engine.
For me, I just got weirdo instead of normal Base64 after packing IPA and use it via iPad3 iOS 8, but lower iOS version seem to be fine.

Solution :  Refer to  Adobe said here...

I know you guy are lazy dude like me so here we go below quick fix for download below! :D



compiled with AIR SDK & Compiler: (updated on Oct.23) which is workaround for "[HMAOT] Hurlant Base64,encode doesn't work with new fast packaging engine" issue. explained here

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