Tuesday, August 5, 2014

[AIR] Working Genome2D Nape Physics Example

I'm still curious about how Genome2D+Nape Physics perform via my iPhone5, The problem is https://github.com/pshtif/Genome2D-Nape is totally out date, but it's not a problem anymore after Genome2D open it source, then this magically happen ;)

You can try fix this yourself

(which actually fun)

Or just use my fixed here

because original Genome2D repo is comment out all physics related tho not sure why but in case it opensource, I've no mercy to fix it just for fun ;)

BTW : I won't pull request back yet because it too much hack and slash there, I'll wait for stable release to avoiding refracting conflict ;)

PS : Long time no code in  AS3 woooot!

just like i said it's kinda hack for learning and after asking for more detail on this via google group, turn out that that all physic stuff is get heavy refactoring there, nore detail via devcast here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvH6g6h6JRQ i will revisit this again...not so soon ;)

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