Saturday, May 5, 2012

[ETC] My Plan B as developer

Plan B? What’s your plan A anyway?

My plan A (Blogging) is seem to be suit my developer’s dream coding and share via blog and try to gain money from ads or donator.

And it’s not working?

Seem like it’s not and never work that way, Here’s result for 6 years (wow! so long time)

as you can see result is $56.32 in 6 years…and I only can get money out when I reach $100, awww should have to wait around 12 years for that lol I know my blog didn’t have that good content but…just like another developer, we spend most of time spoil our client, and blogging is just the hobby.

How about donate?

Donate is seem a lot more accurate, Pass 6 years I did get around $250 from donation, Thanks to you guys again and here’s where your money go

Well, I agree that you need plan B and what’s that?

It’s kind of investment like FOREX trading but you can copy other investor! No brain need! Just choose the right one and wait for money increase. How cool is that! (before you try to googling for it please read entire of my blog ;p)

You should be proud to be programmer not an investor!

That’s what I think for 6 years, poor enough until today I can’t finish my dream game, and my life is seem to be short to wait that long. And in this case, I no need to watch stock or currency rate change every sec. just copy and wait, why I won’t do that!

So…How many $ you get there?

They have practice mode (not a real money), Profit from copy is depend on who you copy, by estimate from my copied, I get around 10%-20% profit each week. (roughly estimate it seem to depend on market grow at that period time btw)

I’m smarter than that. Can I buy/sell currency my self?

You can but I won’t suggest that, copy is make more money if you do have small amount of money, BTW I do it try hard way (my bad habit need to proof before believe something)…after trial and error my invest formula (yeah I’m still programmer ;p) here’s result…..tada! 100$ in 7days!

From this picture you will saw I try only “BUY” just to prove my theory that I can make money from “BUY” only, actually you can “SELL” too, which mean when gold price drop (around $60 last month) you can make money buy choose to “SELL” it and get money all the way down, but as you can see “BUY” only when price is drop is can make small amount of money too but your time and money must be precise enough :)

In short : you can gain money both way by being a seller or buyer, but I still suggest you to be a copier if you don’t need to keep an eye on it ;)

SCAM? Normally people won’t share how to get money!

I should do in this case lol, you should know by now that I always “review” thing like it does, I’ll say good when it’s good and bad when it’s seem to be bad, My blogging is meant to save someone else time and hope other people do the same thing. you can see my prove above picture, I even desire to won’t blog about this until I reach $100 (plus my own weird invest rules eg. must “WIN” only and from “BUY” only) and tell you how can I get that from and how long does it take. seem fine enough? ;)

and because their system good enough to have referral program. That’s right! I’ll get $100 and you will get $50 for first deposit from referral program so It’s win-win situation here, And actually you can make around $300 by make $1000 deposit there (+$250 promotion and $50 if you choose to refer me)

Sound great to me, How can I refer you?

Easy just email me to (subject “plan b”) or post your email as a comment below (no worry, I won’t publish your comment here, and for hotmail user please keep an eye in your junk mail ;p) and I’ll send referrer link to you, after registration and try practice there you will get all the idea I try to tell you. if not just leave it there It’s free to try anyway.

There’s no “Angel Investor” around here, And my design didn’t win any $, So I choose to fund my own game this way, Just hope my invest formula is right,….btw, do I tell you that my “Plan C” is already start? I’ll blog about it when the time come. ;)

PS : while I blogging this I just just get another $3 there, so now I think I’m an investor+programmer+designer already! yeah! ;D

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