Saturday, July 30, 2011

[AIR] Runtime sharing data via AIR, iOS, Flash, Browser

not new tech, I think we can do this the day after Adobe release AIR packager on IPhone but I just have time to play with (poor me), and result is amaze me how easy it is!

As you can see red dot mean I’m drawing at that device (or screen) which mean I touch iPhone to draw number “4” and it just appear all other screen, and here’s the list…

  1. Flash Plugin via Firefox Browser
  2. Flash Player Application on Windows 7
  3. AIR emulator running from Flash Builder for runtime debugging
  4. AIR app on iOS

Guess what? anything that Flash and AIR can be deploy (even TV or IE6) should be just work!

What are you using for this?

My first try was

  • pros : the best part is C# server support (which mean easier debugging local server via Visual Studio), well docs and examples
  • cons : but sadly they didn’t provide swc to pack as an AIR app, and worst part is no one seem to response my email lately… even!/playerio not seem to be active anymore…(see UPDATE below)

What now?

So I’ve to find an alternative for this in case I really need to try it on iPhone then after googling I get this one popping up

  • pros : they provide swc! and it’s just working like you can see
  • cons : it need lua for local server via Python… I’m not afraid to learn new language… but they provide really bad API docs and even worst examples ;p

Why don’t you try RED5 or FMS?

Answer is simple, I didn’t have free server for testing both RED5, and FMS and from my test FMS didn’t get through firewall properly, RED5 is better at firewall, but after all no online server for testing real world latency is still bug me here.

How about P2P?

from my test, it just can’t get through my firewall properly, I know I can make it work after some setting but I don’t think my client or real user can do that easily, so…let’s do it really later.

What’s next?

I should share my Github’s adventure somehow…just want to explore a little bit more, so far I can tell is kinda fun a long the way :D

btw, you can take a peek my repo here


Chris from Player.IO just get back to me (via email) yesterday with beta version of swc!
so here we go, the result that directly convert from old ”FridgeMagnets” example


Sweet! :D so despite that Player.IO didn’t release public swc for iPhone yet, but as you can see it exist and up and running without any change even 1 line of code!

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