Friday, November 2, 2007

Benz C-Class The Game

Big Thx! for PaperVision3D community for all great advice! Finally I got it done right on time, I'm not good in explain, so let's the pictures say, LOL

Project : Benz C-Class Mini Game
  • Day version

  • Night version

Behind the scene
  • Scene
  • Map

  • Trees and Friends are randomize each game
  • It's 2D Bitmap hitTest
  • It's fake light cover, no shading as you can see
  • Environment scale it's not for real (keep it like that for you know who)
  • It's high quality so sorry for low spec computer (keep it like that for you know who)
  • It's mini game! Please don't expect more than that, LOL
  • I did only the engine, blame me in that part ;P
  • Press "*" : switch low/medium/high quality
  • Press "1" , "2" : switch camera

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